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PSA - Pakistani Student Association


Friedrich-Schiller University and Fachhochschule Jena holds a significant body of Pakistani students whose number is tending to grow each year. Coming from an entirely different society, these students face tremendous difficulties in settlement and adjustment to new society. These students need an organization that can lend them a helping hand and provide them an occasional family atmosphere to satiate their needs for belonging and association. The proposed association seeks to address these needs and additionally will hold functions that will familiarize the general student body at FSU Jena with the rich and varied cultural themes in the Pakistani society. 


 Aims & Objectives 
  1. Promote and represent Pakistani Culture and History in Jena.
  2. Organize various programs for the contemporary position; and to represent true views of Pakistan in the international community.
  3. The PSA aims to exhibit Pakistan and its people in true spirit through social events and forums.
  4. Provide helping hands to the Pakistani Students for admission, arrival and to start their academic life in Germany.
  5. Provide a learning environment for the students through group studies and open discussions.
  6. The PSA aims to provide a platform where Pakistani and non-Pakistani individuals can learn from each other, in a friendly atmosphere.
  7. Encourage extracurricular activities among the member of the PSA.
  8. Coordinate with International Centre for performing programs on Pakistani culture.
  9. Assistance of students for jobs and other economic activities would be a moral duty of the PSA.
  10. PSA will remain a non-political student association.


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